Envelope Budgeting is the method of budgeting taught by Dave Ramsey and your grandmother. Itís easy, and it works. Unfortunately it is a hassle to carry around cash all of the time. Thatís why we made Ez Budget. With Ez Budget you will be able to simplify your budgeting and do it without carrying cash.

You can keep track of all of your envelopes electronically with Ez Budget. When you get paid, allocate that money to each of your envelopes as needed. Then, when you spend money just put the transaction in the envelope where it belongs. Your balances all get updated automatically.

Ez Budget for iPhone is with you wherever you go. When you are out shopping, you can use it to check your envelope balances or enter transactions when they happen.

The great part about Ez Budget is that it isnít limited. Many of the other budgeting apps require you to use the iPhone app with a desktop version for them to be useful. Ez Budget can do everything they can right on the phone. All of the features you need, including automatic importing of transactions from your bank, are in the phone version.

Ez Budget for iPad offers a great interface to view and track your budget. Your budget is very personal and the iPad is a personal device. The iPad allows for a great experience when keeping track of your budget, and with syncing you get to easily see all of your updates there, on your phone, and on the desktop.