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Iphone Faq

Question 1. My bank isn't supported. Is there any way you can support it?

Answer 1. Maybe. Not every bank offers the direct connect, but we’ll do our best. Contact us using the form on our contact page with the name of your bank. Put “Bank Request” in the subject line.

Question 2. My bank shows up in the list, but the connection isn’t working or my accounts aren’t showing up. What is going on?

Answer 2. Many banks have different requirements for setting up the direct connect. Some require you call and specifically set up your account for it. Others require a new username and password. Some charge a monthly fee for it. The first thing to try is to call your bank and tell them you’d like to set up OFX Direct Connect for your account. Some banks have recently stopped supporting Direct Connect, but they still show up in the list as we aren’t able to check every bank. If you’ve already contacted your bank please contact us using the form on our contact page with the name of your bank. Put “Bank Support” in the subject line. It’s possible they offer an alternative method that we will be able to support in the future. Note: If you are using Wells Fargo, choose the option for “Wells Fargo Bank” from the list. They stopped supporting OFX, and that option is their new method.

Question 3. Dropbox syncing isn’t working on my iPhone 3G, why is that?

Answer 3. The syncing process is done in the background after you close the app. The 3G phone doesn’t allow anything to be done in the background so syncing will not work on this phone as stated in the app description.

Question 4. The app is telling me I am in viewer only mode even though I know the app isn’t open on any other devices. What do I do?

Answer 4. First off, see question 3 if you are using an iPhone 3G. Otherwise, there are a few potential ways for the app to get into this state. Generally it is because of a loss of internet connection. To fix the problem, simply turn off syncing by sliding the switch to off, and then turn it back on.